This is my blog where I develop and share aspects of my hobbies.  Under the CAIRN TRACKER portion of this website, I chronologize my outdoor adventures as cairns.  From mountaintops to caverns, I invite you to follow closely as I uncover paths to the most exquisite destinations on Earth.  I abundantly scatter cairns across landscapes like the Alps, Utah and Glacier National Park.


In addition, this blog will have an extensive concentration on Italy.  I am currently researching how Italian businesses are handling the struggles facing the European Union such as the immigration and debt crises.  During summer 2017, I will be exploring Italy while taking courses at the Unversità Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan.  I will also be traveling to Lake Como, the Italian Alps, Venice, Florence, Rome, and Naples.  You will be able to follow my experiences under the ITALY portion of this blog.

IMG_0168I am pursuing a business degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Montana.  I will also receive a minor from the Franke Global Leadership Initiative, a program in which I work with six other students who have also studied abroad. We will use our specialized knowledge from our international experiences to address crucial issues affecting the world community and propose new ideas and solutions.  At the end of next semester, we will complete our capstone project with a lecture and thesis.  Our progress will be continually updated in the ITALY section of this website.  On my free time, I enjoy socializing, hiking, and playing my violin.  Furthermore, I am a member of Glacier Mountaineering Society, an organization of hikers who climb peaks in Glacier National Park.

For more information about Glacier Mountaineering Society: http://www.glaciermountaineers.com

For more information about Franke Global Leadership Initiative: http://www.umt.edu/gli/

Follow the travel blogs of other students in Franke Global Leadership Initiative: https://glimontana.com

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